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Sally's deep appreciation of the many authors, healers and lightworkers listed below is ongoing. She gives acknowledgment to the profound healing and inspiration they've given to her over the years... Their messages are gifts to our world:

Neile Donald Walsch (all his books)

Lee Carrol and Kryon (Kryon challelings and books)

Abraham-Hicks (daily youtube videos)

Dr. Joe Dipenza (all his books and conferences)

Paul Selig and the Guides (profound look at realizing the divine in others)

Eckhart Tolle (all his books)

David R. Hawkins, specifically his books Power vs Force and Healing and Recovery

Gregg Braden, The Divine Matrix and Hear Brain Harmony

Bruce Liption, Biology of Belief and many youtube videos

Lynn McTaggart, Intention Experiement

Joe Dispenza, Supernatural and All Books



For those of you that like to "think outside the box" here's my newest find on Amazon: "MONEY BLUES TO BLUE MONEY, Alchemy For Creating Everlasting Wealth", by Dr. Ming Chee. An uplifting look at how we perceive money and why so many are challenged with acquiring their own personal wealth. A quick read, life changing...